Management Systems and Sustainability Policy


Our processes for providing efficient and fast economic service; all parties to be affected by the output, identify and share.

Within the framework of the principles of sustainable development, we manage social, economic and environmental elements in an integrated manner with the participation of all our employees in the continuous improvement activities, the satisfaction and expectations of our stakeholders.

Our commitments in this direction are;

– To manage our processes in an efficient, efficient and safe manner with the approach we are the most important link in the supply chain in order to exceed the expectations in the services we offer to our customers,
– To make plans in order to prevent the environmental dimensions arising from our activities before they occur, within the framework of the principle of pollution prevention,
– To work in accordance with the relevant legal and other requirements in all fields where we operate,
– To analyze the hazards that may pose risks to the health and safety of our employees and to take measures to prevent accidents, diseases and disturbances that may arise from them.


We are committed to ensure the resources we need to achieve continuity in our management systems that we use as a vehicle for sustainability and to realize all of our commitments.


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