Özcan ATA was born in 1960 as the offspring of a family from West Black Sea Region. All of the family members were expert masters sustaining their life with woodworking. Thus Özcan ATA has enjoyed the benefits of his genetic heritage while struggling to attain his current position. His father was the most preferred varnish master in Istanbul during 1970s. He started his training in one of the furniture firms employing his father only on his own account when he was child. He used to escape from school just to be in the workshop on time and he actually started working while he was 12 years old in spite of his family insisting on formal education. Of course first he was an apprentice, then foreman and then master… by time the business he was running ceased to be satisfactory for Özcan ATA. He was young but he had big dreams. He strongly desired an importation market position for his firm. Initially he was repairing antique furniture; then he started to make sofas which filled his shop to the brim that the space was not enough any mare to accommodate all that he made. For that reason he opened his own workshop which followed in his great success and resulted in BRETZ brand. As much a baby needs great work from the time he is born throughout his raising, the BRETZ brand is similarly the story of hard work spanning through 46 years. Today the factory with an area of 10.000 m2, 6 stores and thousands of customers own their existence to love and labor. Both for Özcan ATA and his firm, everything is the natural result of hard labor and toil. BRETZ succeeded in earning a living and being a profitable company with the support of its qualified employees and unique customers. As Özcan ATA is saying,”it didn’t happen only by his individual performance because this is teamwork.”

BRETZ customers know best why they prefer BRETZ but most importantly you see that care, fine approach and love in BRETZ products. Since we do boutique work, it needs this care and privileged attitude. BRETZ will deny all objections to this fact because BRETZ is a firm doing its job very well. It understands quite well that its followers and fans should feel themselves OK and this is the reason that BRETZ offers nearly endless choices. Since the brand has totally unique style specific for the concerned buyer, its motto is “customer satisfaction”. As of 2017 BRETZ provides services with its 220 employees including a powerful design team, architects team and sales team that work for 5 stores located in Istanbul and 1 store located in iran as well countless foreign projects.


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